Aspiring Wealth Management provides a range of investment services including share broking, investment advice and wealth management. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals no matter what their situation, from just starting out to enjoying their retirement. We believe all investors are different, so we will tailor each investment portfolio to the specific needs of that client. To enable us to provide these services and help our clients achieve their goals we have access to the highest quality investment research, trading platforms and portfolio management systems available. For professional share broking, investment advice and wealth management services, Aspiring Wealth Management are here to help.

Get full service advice and administration

For those investors that want the best of class wealth management services we offer our Premium Service. This service includes strategic investment advice including taking into account each investor’s needs, goals and tolerance for risk. It also includes full account administration and reporting, online access to portfolio and preferential access to new issues all based around a very competitive cost structure. Simply put it gives you the best advice and tools available for managing your investments. For more detail on our Premium Service please see our Premium Services page.

Buy or sell shares or bonds

For those investors that want to or already own listed securities (shares or fixed interest), and would like to buy or sell them, we offer a Transactional Broking Service. All your transactions are handled securely through our lead broker JBWere and we can buy or sell securities from most major international markets as well as Australia and New Zealand. This provides a cost effective service for clients who only need to make a few transactions a year. For more detail on our Transactional Broking Service please see our Services page.

Get advice on a particular investment

For those investors that want specific advice on a company or investment we have access to a wide range of research and are happy to provide this to clients where available. We believe that use of quality research to make investment decisions significantly improves investment returns. For more on our research see the Research page.