Why Us?

You have worked and saved hard to be in a position to be able to make some investments. No matter how big or small your investments, their performance is important to you and therefore to us. Our job is to work with you to help you get what you need from your savings. We do this by providing high quality investment advice coupled with top quality trading and investment management services. You should choose us to help you manage your investments for the following reasons:

  • Partnership : We believe that strong relationships with clients lead to the best outcomes. From the trust and knowledge that grows from knowing you as well as we can, we can provide advice that is most suited to your goals. We believe that working with our clients in a partnership rather than telling them what to do leads to the best possible results.
  • Unique: There is only one of you. Therefore any plan for your investments should be unique. We are not box tickers nor do we place people in boxes. Our approach is completely flexible to enable us to give you the services and advice that match your situation, from simple on-demand trading to a fully fledge wealth management solution.
  • You, First : The principal that underlies all our actions is “your interests always come first”. We believe that our success as a business is absolutely aligned to you achieving your goals.
  • Top Platform: Should you require management of your investments we have access to one of the premier investment management platforms available in the New Zealand market. Our Premium Service provides you with a complete administrative and reporting solution, allowing you to concentrate on what is important, your investment decisions.
  • Research Based: We believe that good advice will always be backed by good research. At Aspiring Wealth Management we have access to a number of world’s largest investment houses’ economic, strategic and company research to ensure that our investment ideas are backed by some of the finest financial analysis available.
  • Transparent Fees: Our fees are fair, very simple, and we believe very competitive. You pay us either when you trade or via a percentage of your investments under management. Our charges are documented to you when trades are completed or in our quarterly reports so you always know exactly where you are.
  • Strategic: We believe that you as an investor should not only look at your individual investments but should approach your overall position from a strategic standpoint, looking as it were from the helicopter view. We help clients formulate and maintain a long term strategic plan for their investments.
  • Security: Your assets are precious and we have structured the way we do business so they are very well protected. You will either hold the assets yourself and we will help you with trading or those assets are held within the investment management platform we use. All trading and investment management is provided using best of breed platforms run by JBWere, a large Australasian broker. Having a substantial partner handling trading and investment management provides you with the security and reassurance your investments deserve.