We offer a wide range of investment services from our Premium Service with its full suite of wealth management capabilities though to the more on-demand services of transactional broking.

Our business is structured so that we can concentrate on the area that we specialise in, providing you with investment advice. The research that the advice is based on comes from some of the top providers in the industry. JBWere provides the trading and wealth management platforms that our main services are based upon. JBWere is owned by National Australia Bank. Having substantial partners behind us provides you with the capabilities and security your investments require, whilst giving us the ability to provide our clients with world class advice and services.

Premium Service

Our top level of service is built around developing a strong professional relationship, based on trust, between you and our advisers. From this relationship comes knowledge of your situation, needs and goals, from which we produce bespoke investment advice backed by top quality investment research. The service includes all brokerage costs, custodial services, comprehensive reporting, online access to your portfolio, preferential access to new issues, all based on a very competitive and transparent fee structure. The Premium System is run by JBWere Nominees, a subsidiary of JBWere. The real value of the Premium service is that it having such good systems behind your investments allows you to concentrate on what is important, your investment decisions.

Premium at a glance:

  • Individualised investment strategy
  • Complete portfolio administration
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Regular reviews
  • Access to best of class research
  • Online access to your portfolio
  • Complete reporting for tax purposes
  • Preferential access to new investment opportunities
  • Transparent and competitive fee structure

More about Premium Services

Transactional Broking

For those that prefer to administer their own portfolio or just want to trade a few listed securities we offer a transactional broking service. Our clients have access to full share broking capabilities across all local and international equity and bond markets. We provide advice if required, place orders and manage the transaction for you. Our lead NZX broker, JBWere completes the trades and handles any payments required, giving you the assurance of dealing with fully regulated and independent party.

Broking at a glance

  • Full broking capabilities
  • Objective advice on-demand
  • Advice backed by robust research
  • Charged on a per-transaction basis
  • Settlement done through NZX Broker

Other Services

Aside from the two main services we offer several other options for our clients including:

  • Custodial Service: An administration service for your portfolio, with quarterly reporting and annual income statements, run by JBWere Nominees. We still provide advice and broking services for these accounts but all the administration is taken care of for a very competitive fee.
  • Margin Lending: We are able to offer a margin lending facility to enable clients to leverage their existing portfolio of investments.
  • Kiwisaver: We will conduct a review of your Kiwisaver investments including providing information on various providers and whether the investment strategy of the fund that you are in is appropriate.
  • Foreign Exchange Transfers: We have entered into a referral partner arrangement with NZForex so our clients can access can access can transfer funds at significant discounts to the rates that bank traditionally charge. Find out more here.

Not sure what services you require? The please call on 0800393420 or see the “Contact Us” page, and we will be more than happy to give you some direction on which services would be appropriate to your situation.